Short Biography
Being an amateur researcher devotes many hours to collect any kind of element, so that he can document and represent as close that can be the real traditional boats, that were lost over time. It’s his personal work that an archive with over than 2000 old photos of vessels, has been created in website.
He considers the ship modeling as an effort to preserve the Gr. maritime heritage and by his models, attempts to " bring back"  the real ships, as well the spirit of a bygone era.
He builds his models "from scratch", by the Greek traditional shipbuilding way, using mainly beech wood and pursues fewer additional fittings from market.
He is member of the Hellenic Maritime Museum, co-manager and columnist of the website 3w.naftotopos. gr. Articles and models of him, have been published in international magazines and he is an active member in several Greek and foreign ship modeling forums.
Two of his models were awarded in 2015 in Nationwide modeling exhibition of IPMS (1st & 2nd prizes) and in 2017 he was also awarded with a 1st prize.


Donated models are exhibited at the Maritime Museum of Greece (ships in Bottles) and the Maritime Museum of Kavala city.


Thanasis Giannikos was born in 1962 in Athens, he comes from Lesvos Island and he lives in the city of Volos.
He graduated of the Military Academy, he served the Gr. military forces and he retired with the rank of Colonel.
His love for the sea and his insular roots,  almost forced  him to be dealing with ship models from the very early. Attracted by the "lines" of Greek traditional boats, he exclusively chose the construction and representation of their models.